American Flag Cufflinks
"God bless America!", as our cousins over the pond would say. Show your American patriotism with these USA flag cufflinks. Flag material: EnamelCufflinks metal: Nickel
Anchor & Rope Cufflinks
 Anchors away!  Gorgeous anchor and rope cufflinks that are perfect for anyone with a nautical connection or interest.  A touch of character for work and formal wear. Cufflinks Material: Nickel Approximately 2cm x 1.5cm
Australian Flag Cufflinks
"G'day mate!" Show your Aussie pride with these Australian flag cufflinks. Flag material: EnamelCufflinks metal: Nickel  
Beagles Cufflinks
The perfect accessory for the dog lover in all of us, cute beagle cufflinks in silver show your love for our canine companions. Cufflinks Material: Nickel
Belgian Flag Cufflinks
Proud to be from Belgium? Why not show it with these patriotic cufflinks. Flag Material: EnamelCufflinks Material: Nickel
Best Man Cufflinks
Give your best man the finishing touch for your wedding with these dapper Best Man cufflinks. Cufflinks Material: Nickel
Bicycle Cufflinks
I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike. Cufflinks Material: Nickel
Black & Gold Circuit Cufflinks
Geeks are the new cool kids! Black, with a gold motherboard circuit design, these are absolutely perfect for any techie or geek.  Cufflinks Material: Acrylic & Nickel
Black & White Guitars Cufflinks
Channel your inner Rock 'n' Roll star with these black and white telecaster style guitar cufflinks. Cufflinks Material: Nickel
Black Moustache Cufflinks
This twirly 'tache is the symbol of a true gent and a moustache aficionado. Cufflinks Material: Nickel
Black Moustaches Cufflinks
Twirly black moustaches with smooth silver bars.  Cufflinks Material: Nickel
Black Top Hat Cufflinks
Doff your hat to these super smart top hat cufflinks! Quintessentially British and ever-so sophisticated.  
Butterfly Cufflinks
Wear these cufflinks and be the social butterfly you know you are!  A striking way to adorn your cuffs and strike up conversation. Cufflinks Material: Nickel Approximately 2.5cm x 2.5cm
Christmas Tree Cufflinks
Get into the Christmas spirit with these festive Christmas tree cufflinks. Perfect for gifting as a present (Secret Santa gift idea, perhaps?) or wearing as part of a Christmas Day outfit. Cufflinks Material: Nickel
Colourful Pencils Cufflinks
Impress the teacher with this pair of colourful classroom pencil cufflinks.  Cufflinks Material: Nickel
Corkscrew Cufflinks
Corkscrews mean one thing... wine! These cufflinks are great celebratory cufflinks for those special events and occasions in your life.Cufflinks Material: Nickel
Cornish Flag Cufflinks
Proud to be from Cornwall? Well let people know with these St Piran Flag cufflinks. Flag material: EnamelCufflinks metal: Nickel
Cricket Bat Cufflinks
Be a good sport with these distressed look cricket bat cufflinks!  A great gift idea for any enthusiast and the perfect accessory for summer functions. Cufflinks Material: Nickel Approx 2.5cm x 0.5cm
Crown Jewels Cufflinks
The crowning glory to any formalwear, these cufflinks are dapper and distinguished for sophisticates and supremacy alike! Approx 1.5cm x 1.5cm Cufflinks Material: Nickel
Cylinder Stripe Cufflinks
The ideal choice for formal events, these smooth cylindrical cufflinks with grey stripes excudes sophistication. Cufflinks Material: Nickel  
Double Decker Bus Cufflinks
An iconic symbol of London, the red double decker bus is known all over the world as a symbol of Britain's capital.Cufflinks Material: Plastic & Nickel
Drum Kit Cufflinks
Drum roll please!!!  Quirky drum kit cufflinks that make a perfect gift for musicians or rockers! Approx 2cm wide Cufflinks Material: Nickel
Elastic Pink Cufflinks
A superbly subtle and understated yet stylish set of elasticated cufflinks in a dusky shade of pink.Cufflinks Material: Elastic  
England Flag Cufflinks
Display your English pride with these St George's flag cufflinks. Flag Material: EnamelCufflinks Material: Nickel
European Union Flag Cufflinks
The European Union's signature blue flag with a ring of stars on a set of smooth silver cufflinks.  Cufflinks Material: Nickel
Father Of The Bride Cufflinks
The perfect accessory for your daughters special day, these matte silver cufflinks with engraved text help you walk her down the aisle in style.   Cufflinks Material: Nickel
Flip Flop Cufflinks
Fun and fanciful flip-flop cufflinks in a rainbow stripe.  A summer essential that adds personality to any summer formal attire. Approx 2.5cm x 0.5cm Cufflinks Material: Nickel
Footballer Cufflinks
Funky footballers in play cufflinks - perfect for teammates and football freaks! Cufflinks Material: Nickel
French Flag Cufflinks
Vive la France! Let people know you're on Team France with these cufflinks. Flag Material: EnamelCufflinks Material: Nickel
Geo Honeycomb Cufflinks
A stylish geometric honeycomb pattern in a subtle burgundy on acrylic cufflinks, perfect for a formal evening event!  Cufflinks Material: Nickel

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